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Church Search 6: Narrowing the Search, Part 2

Yesterday we returned to Real Life Fellowship.

We hadn’t planned to return to Real Life. We thought we had narrowed our search to two other churches, but that changed with the flip of a coin. Some friends, who are also looking for a new church home, were at the house Saturday night. As we talked, it was obvious that no church had totally captured any of our hearts. We couldn’t decide where to go, so we flipped a coin and Real Life won. (Is that how Matthias became an apostle?).

As we look for a new church home, this church continues to impress me. We were very blessed by the service. My daughter loved her class. And my wife and I liked the music and sermon.

But as I reflect on why no church has really captured our hearts, I can’t help but think that church has less to do with the building, the preacher, the music, or the children’s programs and more to do with the people we love. It would be one thing if we were looking for a church in a new city; but it’s quite another thing to be looking for a new church in our own city where so many of our friends are.

As Mimi and I left Real Life yesterday, we talked through the pros and cons of the church. Eventually, however, I said, “You know, I almost don’t care where we go, I just want all our friends to go to the same place.”

Mimi agreed.


History in the Making

I just read an e-mail by Rick Warren that got me to thinking.

Today is an amazing day in lots of different ways.

An amazingly peaceful transition of power is taking placc in our nation’s capital. Few countries have experienced the power and blessings that America has enjoyed.

The transition is even more significant since these are such tumultuous times in our world and in our economy.

The transition is even more historic since this will be our first black president.

The world is watching. This will be the largest, most elaborate inauguration day in history.

But, this also happens to be a significant day for another reason. No historian will mark this event as important. No one, other than my wife and I, will ever remember this day’s other historic meaning. It happened eight years ago today. While all eyes were watching Washington as George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States, Mimi and I arrived at our new home.

Today marks our eighth year anniversary in Corpus Christi. I remember listening to President-elect George Bush take the oath of office as we drove toward our new home. The day we loaded up in New Mexico was 20 degrees, the day we unloaded in Corpus Christi was 80 degrees. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Mimi thought she had arrived in hell.

So, what’s my point in all this? Do I dare compare our inauguration as a minister at South Church of Christ with that of the inauguration of a President of the United States?

Well, yes, actually, I do.

Oh, the world will never remember our arrival or work in Corpus Christi as it will remember the work of any president of the United States. But Kingdom work is FAR more important than earthly politics. One saved soul is FAR more important than any bill or law or command decision given from Capitol Hill.

For all those who toil in obscurity. . . for all those who minister in a thankless position. . . for everyone who works for the Lord behind the scenes, please know that what you do for The Kingdom will FAR outlast anything done for any earthly kingdom.

No matter what the world (or “well-meaning” Christians) may tell you, you are making an ETERNAL difference. When the battle gets hard, when you’re no longer sure if it’s worth the price, when you just want to quit; remember that a reward awaits you and your work. You may need to occasionally retreat. You may even need to occasionally change battle fields. But. . .

Never, never, never give up.

$600 Worth of Free Software

I just ran across a give-a-way for free Bible software. I think it happens to be the best Bible software available. It normally costs over $600 and contains over $6000 worth of electronic Bibles, reference works, devotional books, study tools, and more.

There are only a few days left to register for the drawing so  you need to hurry.  All you have to do is go to the blog and post your favorite Bible verse in the comments section of the post. Be sure to briefly explain why that verse is your favorite.

If you win, you have to share with me!!!

Great Quote

I love this quote from Perry Noble:

Remember, worship is how you act when you are outside the church…NOT how loud you sing inside the church or how high you happen to raise your hands during a song.

The Fear of Man

This post from Ben Arment spoke to me today; perhaps it will you as well.

Every morning, I pray the same prayer: “God, let me fear only you today.” It’s not that I actually fear other people. It’s that I wage secret campaigns against them, rather than speak openly and honestly.

What are the signs of fearing man?

  • The fake laugh
  • Being a “yes man”
  • Blending in with the crowd
  • Not being true to my passions
  • Not speaking truth at my own risk
  • Putting on a fake persona

Ouch. Right?

Barak McCain

Burgers and Dogs and Snakes, Oh My

Our Wednesday night small group did its service project this past Sunday afternoon. I think we were blessed far more than those we went to bless.

Glenn Kelly barbecued burgers and dogs at Mission 911. People from the group pitched in by bringing all the fixings. The adults hung out by the grill visiting and enjoying the great weather while the teens and kids played catch in the yard. We talked World Series, Dallas Cowboys, and politics.

Afterwards, we went to the chapel for Sunday night service. Tony, the director of Mission 911, shared a few words of thanks for those of us from Christ Point Church. He told us what a huge difference a little thing like a hamburger and normal conversation can make for the residents. He thanked us so much, in fact, that I became a bit uncomfortable. All we had done was share a meal and some time, but to hear Tony quote Scripture and talk about what we had done you would have thought we had just changed the world.

After Tony spoke, we heard from a resident. She shared how she and her two grandchildren escaped a terrible situation. She told how Tony and Mission 911 had changed their lives. We heard from a man who, with God’s help, overcame a drug addiction and is now rebuilding the Corpus Christi Zoo. He and his wife hope to open the zoo to the public within the next few months. He even brought a (harmless) snake from the zoo for everyone to pet. Finally, our own Troy and Glenn shared a few words of blessing with us.

It was a fun night. God used us to bless some of his people. Yes, it was awkward starting up a conversation with a stranger who lives in a homeless shelter but we never felt threatened or in danger. Children played and ate with us in complete safety.  (I mention this only because people are sometimes afraid of going to a mission such as this).

Mission 911 is a great place for you and your small group to serve. Who knows how God will use you? It could be that your simple act of service really could change the world for someone.