Ten Jobs I Don’t Want

I’ve learned the hard way that God has a sense of humor that I don’t always find funny. It seems that when I say I will never do something or go someplace God winks and smiles as he leads me to do that thing or go to that place. (I’m not joking about this!). So, it’s with fear, trembling, and holy reverence that I write this post. I got the idea from Tony Morgan, one of my favorite bloggers.

Until recently, Tony was on staff at NewSpring Church. Currently he is unemployed. On April 21 he announced that he and Perry Noble (NewSpring’s Sr. Pastor) decided their philosophies of ministry didn’t match so they were parting company. The cool thing is that they did this on friendly terms. Tony will continue attending NewSpring until he finds his next adventure.

Now that he’s unemployed Tony is thinking about what jobs he might want to take (or not take). The other day he posted a list of the ten jobs he wouldn’t ever do. That got me to thinking about the ten jobs I would never do. So, for what it’s worth, here’s the list I came up with (no particular order):

  1. Proctologist (Tony listed this one too)
  2. Youth Pastor
  3. Worship Pastor (I’d love to do this, but my singing is so bad I’d be fired before the opening song is over)
  4. Skid-O-Can Vacuum Truck Driver
  5. Bouncer at a bar
  6. Nanny
  7. Shamwow Spokesperson
  8. Barber
  9. Hallmark Salesperson
  10. Driver’s Ed Instructor

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