Narrowing the Search, Part 4

After almost two weeks of flu and two out-of-town trips I’m finally getting back to my blog.

If you read my last post you know that I think church ought to be more than just a bunch of people getting together because they like each other. There has to be something bigger than friendship bringing people together. This is where another aspect of the New Testament concept of church comes in to play: kingdom.

Church is part of the kingdom of God. To serve the king is to put your own interests aside. It is to make the king’s agenda your agenda. To be part of the kingdom is to live the kingdom agenda.

What is the kingdom agenda?

Just look at Jesus. He lived the kingdom agenda. Family and friends took a backseat to the kingdom agenda. His personal comfort was not a priority. (Apparently he didn’t even own a pillow!). Kingdom life means death. . . death of one’s comfort, one’s personal preferences, one’s daily desires. The kingdom agenda requires that we take up our crosses each and every day of our lives and follow Jesus. Unfortunately. . . .

Pot lucks are the priority of too many churches.

Power is the desire of too many clergy.

Song selection is the concern of too many members.

How sad it is, then, that as we look for a new church home I find myself wandering, “What’s here for me? How comfortable am I here? What do I like/dislike about this church?”

I’m so weak.

Wouldn’t it be better if I asked, “Where can I best serve my king?”


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