Glen Kelly’s Long Lost Identical Twin

This morning I meet Glen Kelly’s long lost identical twin. Actually, Glen doesn’t have a long lost identical twin, but if he did, this guy would be it. (My apologies to those who don’t know Glen. You’re missing out on something great).

The guy walked into Keva with a huge grin, long hair, and a friendly greeting for me and the customers. (I know Glen cut his hair, but he needs to grow it back-IMHO). Judging from his clothes he is a painter by trade; but judging from the encounter he is an encourager by spiritual gift.

In the short time he was in the store not only did he make me feel like Keva Juice was the coolest place he had ever been in, but that our smoothies are the best tasting things in the world, and that the  recession is just God’s way of  preparing us for a new blessing. While he wasn’t some sort of Jesus-freak (in the worst kind of way), it was easy to tell that he was a Jesus-freak (in the best kind of way). God’s love just oozed from this guy.

We shook hands before he left but I suspect had he thought it wouldn’t totally freak me out he would have jumped behind the counter and hugged me.

Lord, help me be that kind of encouragement to others.


One response to “Glen Kelly’s Long Lost Identical Twin

  1. You are. Every time you laugh. Or giggle or smile.

    Sometimes when you just show up.

    Ask anybody.

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