Church Search 6: Narrowing the Search, Part 2

Yesterday we returned to Real Life Fellowship.

We hadn’t planned to return to Real Life. We thought we had narrowed our search to two other churches, but that changed with the flip of a coin. Some friends, who are also looking for a new church home, were at the house Saturday night. As we talked, it was obvious that no church had totally captured any of our hearts. We couldn’t decide where to go, so we flipped a coin and Real Life won. (Is that how Matthias became an apostle?).

As we look for a new church home, this church continues to impress me. We were very blessed by the service. My daughter loved her class. And my wife and I liked the music and sermon.

But as I reflect on why no church has really captured our hearts, I can’t help but think that church has less to do with the building, the preacher, the music, or the children’s programs and more to do with the people we love. It would be one thing if we were looking for a church in a new city; but it’s quite another thing to be looking for a new church in our own city where so many of our friends are.

As Mimi and I left Real Life yesterday, we talked through the pros and cons of the church. Eventually, however, I said, “You know, I almost don’t care where we go, I just want all our friends to go to the same place.”

Mimi agreed.


2 responses to “Church Search 6: Narrowing the Search, Part 2

  1. Me three!

  2. We can definitely relate to that feeling. Our former church was more than a building, more than the songs, even more than the preaching…it was about companionship. It was a home to us. A place where we walked in and felt loved, noticed, cared about. Where everybody knew everybody. Where we were not a number, but a family. 😦 It’s been soooo difficult these past few weekends because while the church we’ve been attending is awesome, it still doesn’t feel quite like home. We miss our friends :-/

    God, would you guide us.


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