Church Search 1

Tomorrow we begin the search for a new church home. . . Yuck.

This will be the first time Mimi and I have been “church shopping”. Every church we’ve attended since before we were married we attended because I was working there as an intern, a youth minister, or a preacher. Now that we are “just” a family looking for a new church home I am looking at the church from different eyes.

We don’t want to do this. We don’t really have a choice, so there’s no use in crying over it; but we definitely would prefer to stay where we’re comfortable. So, honestly, I dread going to church tomorrow.

Used to, as a preacher, I loved going to new churches. I loved “passing judgment” on everything; including the bulletin, greeters, music, preaching, and more. It was fun to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of other churches.

Now, though, I’m going as a consumer. (I used to preach against viewing church from a consumer mentality, but now I find myself thinking in exactly those terms). What’s in it for my kids? Will I like the music? Will the preacher connect with me? Will the people accept us?

It’s scary.

I’ll let you know how things go.


One response to “Church Search 1

  1. Or maybe just play tourist for a while? Start across the bridge and work your way back?

    Just a thought…..

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