Which Type of Christian are You?

a Capella . . . Instrumental.

Traditional . . . Contemporary.

Evangelical . . . Emerging.

Premillinial . . . Postmillinial.

There are so many different kinds of churches today you need a printed program to keep it all straight. While I can’t help you understand every distinctive, I have found one method for discerning which generation of church-goer you are. . . and it’s probably hanging on your hallway wall right now.

Are you an Olan-Christian or a Post-Olan-Christian?

You’re a good-old-fashioned Olan-Christian if you have an Olan Mills portrait hanging in your hallway or tucked away in a photo album. Take a look at this website and see if it brings back any nightmares memories for you.


2 responses to “Which Type of Christian are You?

  1. Welcome back. Butter side up : )

  2. I hope I am the kind of Christian who can forgive wrongs because I so desperately need forgiveness.

    I want to be the type of Christan who doesn’t seek revenge on other’s behalf…..

    Thankfully, I am a post-Olan Christian….all the Olan Mills photos have been, thankfully, left at my mother’s house!


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