History in the Making

I just read an e-mail by Rick Warren that got me to thinking.

Today is an amazing day in lots of different ways.

An amazingly peaceful transition of power is taking placc in our nation’s capital. Few countries have experienced the power and blessings that America has enjoyed.

The transition is even more significant since these are such tumultuous times in our world and in our economy.

The transition is even more historic since this will be our first black president.

The world is watching. This will be the largest, most elaborate inauguration day in history.

But, this also happens to be a significant day for another reason. No historian will mark this event as important. No one, other than my wife and I, will ever remember this day’s other historic meaning. It happened eight years ago today. While all eyes were watching Washington as George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States, Mimi and I arrived at our new home.

Today marks our eighth year anniversary in Corpus Christi. I remember listening to President-elect George Bush take the oath of office as we drove toward our new home. The day we loaded up in New Mexico was 20 degrees, the day we unloaded in Corpus Christi was 80 degrees. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Mimi thought she had arrived in hell.

So, what’s my point in all this? Do I dare compare our inauguration as a minister at South Church of Christ with that of the inauguration of a President of the United States?

Well, yes, actually, I do.

Oh, the world will never remember our arrival or work in Corpus Christi as it will remember the work of any president of the United States. But Kingdom work is FAR more important than earthly politics. One saved soul is FAR more important than any bill or law or command decision given from Capitol Hill.

For all those who toil in obscurity. . . for all those who minister in a thankless position. . . for everyone who works for the Lord behind the scenes, please know that what you do for The Kingdom will FAR outlast anything done for any earthly kingdom.

No matter what the world (or “well-meaning” Christians) may tell you, you are making an ETERNAL difference. When the battle gets hard, when you’re no longer sure if it’s worth the price, when you just want to quit; remember that a reward awaits you and your work. You may need to occasionally retreat. You may even need to occasionally change battle fields. But. . .

Never, never, never give up.


4 responses to “History in the Making

  1. Happy 8th Anniversary! So grateful God sent you guys here!

  2. Yep. Never, never, never give up….

    Somebody oughta make a plaque of that.

  3. I’m glad God sent you to Corpus Christi. Things are always HOT here, even in January. To miss quote what you wrote on January 20th, what you do for the Kingdom will far outlast the things that happened today.

  4. I feel your pain. However, you are an extremely talented individual have much to offer lost and hurting people. Keep a stiff upper lip and hang in there.
    You will end up in a better place than you have been in.

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