Great Day

What a great day God gave us Sunday.

It’s awesome when God does His thing and touches people’s hearts. Any Sunday when four people decide to meet Christ in the waters of baptism is a great day. That never get’s old!

Thanks, God, for letting me be part of what you’re doing in people’s lives.


2 responses to “Great Day

  1. ashleydrumurray

    Hi Dan, this is Ashley (Sokoff) Murray. I was reading through your old blog posts and saw the one about Lubbock and Lovington and it brought back many memories of you guys and growing up in the sticks. =) I’ve lived in the LA area for almost 10 years now and often think fondly of your family.
    My husband and I just had a little boy a few months ago, and just the other day I was thinking back to when Paige was this age and the fun Mom and I had with her during the day. Hope that your family is all well!

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