How Can I Sleep Now?

It’s midnight. I’m in the front bedroom of my parent’s house. I’m sleeping hard because I took a Tylenol PM.

Suddenly someone is banging on the frontdoor and repeatedly ringing the doorbell. Clearing the fog from my head I look out the front window and see the bright lights of a car.

Would a bad guy knock? Would a burglar leave his lights on?

I open the bedroom door and look through the glass of the frontdoor to see a man’s sillouette. Neither of my parents have come to the door.

I’m alone. Do I open the door? Do I let in this potential mass murderer?

I decide to open the door. I’m not sure I’m relieved.

It’s a police officer.

“Sir, we’ve had a report of a prowler in the area and the dome light is on in your van. Could you come out here and see if you’ve been broken in to.”

No break in but now I’m lying awake listening for the prowler to bang on the door and ring the doorbell.


2 responses to “How Can I Sleep Now?

  1. Get a pimpmobile. Leave the keys in it at night. If no one steals it, try again the next night.

    Sleep well.

  2. Oh my.

    Happy New Year.

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