Oh, You’re Just Praying, Part 1

“You’ve got it easy this week. No class to teach. . . just praying.”

“Oh, you’re just praying Wednesday night aren’t you?”

I heard those comments–and others very similar–from people since Sunday, when I announced we’d have a church-wide prayer meeting this Wednesday night. I understand what they’re saying. They’re saying that I’m not reading, and researching, and preparing a lesson for my group. They’re saying that it’s going to be an easy night. We’re not doing anything other than just praying.

Just praying. JUST PRAYING! Are those people CRAZY??!!!

Don’t people know that praying is NOTHING LESS THAN CALLING ON THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE to do our bidding?! Don’t people understand that it’s a dangerous thing to approach a king?! Don’t people know that the world can be changed when people “just pray”?!

How dare we take such a task lightly!

I believe it was Eugene Peterson, in his book “Working the Angles”, who talked about once being asked at a church potluck, “Pastor, could you get us started with a little prayer?”

If I remember correctly, Peterson goes on to write how amazing such a request is. There is no such thing as a “little prayer”. And nothing at church should “get started” with prayer–as if once we get the prayer out of the way we can get down to the real reason we came.

Don’t people know that the highest, grandest, and most worshipful thing we can do is pray?

Maybe one of the reasons we feel so week, vulnerable, and helpless is because our prayers have become pathetic little whimpers whispered quickly so we can get on with what really interests us.


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