Burgers and Dogs and Snakes, Oh My

Our Wednesday night small group did its service project this past Sunday afternoon. I think we were blessed far more than those we went to bless.

Glenn Kelly barbecued burgers and dogs at Mission 911. People from the group pitched in by bringing all the fixings. The adults hung out by the grill visiting and enjoying the great weather while the teens and kids played catch in the yard. We talked World Series, Dallas Cowboys, and politics.

Afterwards, we went to the chapel for Sunday night service. Tony, the director of Mission 911, shared a few words of thanks for those of us from Christ Point Church. He told us what a huge difference a little thing like a hamburger and normal conversation can make for the residents. He thanked us so much, in fact, that I became a bit uncomfortable. All we had done was share a meal and some time, but to hear Tony quote Scripture and talk about what we had done you would have thought we had just changed the world.

After Tony spoke, we heard from a resident. She shared how she and her two grandchildren escaped a terrible situation. She told how Tony and Mission 911 had changed their lives. We heard from a man who, with God’s help, overcame a drug addiction and is now rebuilding the Corpus Christi Zoo. He and his wife hope to open the zoo to the public within the next few months. He even brought a (harmless) snake from the zoo for everyone to pet. Finally, our own Troy and Glenn shared a few words of blessing with us.

It was a fun night. God used us to bless some of his people. Yes, it was awkward starting up a conversation with a stranger who lives in a homeless shelter but we never felt threatened or in danger. Children played and ate with us in complete safety.  (I mention this only because people are sometimes afraid of going to a mission such as this).

Mission 911 is a great place for you and your small group to serve. Who knows how God will use you? It could be that your simple act of service really could change the world for someone.


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