Lost, Again

OK, I know I’ve posted about Lost like 3 times already, but I’m REALLY into this show. I’m only about half-way through the second season, but I’m addicted.

So far I’ve written about how much Lost reminds me of the church in some positive ways but lately I’ve also noticed a darker side of the commonality. This darker side, however, isn’t limited to the church. it can effect us in any relationship.

The thing I’ve noticed in the show is the secrets people keep. Everyone, it seems, knows a little piece of the island’s mystery, but because know one talks about what they know everyone continues to suffer.

The same thing can happen in our relationships. When we are unwilling to talk with each other. . . to open up with one another about our feelings, our hurts, our dreams. . . we all remain in the dark.

The truth will set us free.


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