Another Thing About Lost

I’m just sitting here watching the first episode of season 2 of Lost and I noticed another similarity between the show and the church.

Tragedy is once again facing the survivors. Jack, the leader, has a plan for everyone to stay together in the safety of their cave. He gives an impassioned speech that convinces everyone — except one person.

There’s always at least one.

A leader develops a strategy, points the way, builds concensus, . . . and then somone criticizes, refuses to follow, and even sabotages the work. It’s one of the most discouraging parts of being a leader in God’s kingdom.

I think it would be easier if the rebel was evil, but he or she rarely is. Most of thie time they are like the rest of us; a mixed bag of motives. Also, they usually carry influence with a segment of the group.

A major part of leadership is knowing when to stand against the rebel–and possibly alienating the group that follows him or her–and knowing when to join forces with the rebel and incorporating the group into your cause.

And a major part of being on the island (or in the church) is learning to be a good follower.

It’s amazing how many books, podcasts, videos, and seminars are out there telling people how to be good leaders. Maybe what the church needs is more training on being a good follower.


One response to “Another Thing About Lost

  1. It’s hard for civilians to follow. Combat chaplains don’t have this problem. Atheists? Foxholes?

    Want to lead? Find a foxhole. It’s like a rut — but with bullets flying.

    You may need camo.

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