Volleyball Parents

The other night was Paige’s (my daughter) first volleyball match as an Annapolis Christian Academy Warrior.


I watched her play soccer when she was 5 and basketball when she was 6 and 7, but this was the first time I watched her play a game that really counted. We “officially” kept score. (We parents always kept score during all those peewee games; we just didn’t tell the kids).

This was tough to watch. I cringed every time Paige did something wrong. I imagined the other parents glaring at me and thinking I’m a terrible dad because I hadn’t taught her any better. But every time she won a point, served an ace, or set the ball I gloated and imagined all the other parents smiling adoringly at me and my coaching prowess.

I bet you didn’t know my daughter’s volleyball game was really all about ME!

Parent’s are funny.

A few months ago when my other daughter (Kaleigh) played Little Miss Kickball the parents had to watch a sportsmanship video and sign a commitment form about how we would behave. How sad that our society has come to this.

It’s just a kid’s game for crying out loud!

But after sitting in the stands the other night and cheering on our team, every time another girl cost us a point I glared at her parents. . . .


One response to “Volleyball Parents

  1. Just for grins, research the history of Little Miss Kickball. Interesting stuff.

    And yes, I have stories about that, too.

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