The power of good name.

When I was a student at ACU a bunch of us Bible majors decided we’d put together a flag football team for the intramural league. We played teams from the PE Department (coaches and athletes in training). We also played teams from the men’s social clubs. They were “The Men of Galaxy” and “Sub-T 16” and “Frater Sodalis”.

But we were Bible majors. . . people didn’t exactly quake in fear when they thought about playing a bunch of egg-head, Bible-thumpers who spent most of their time in the library.

But all of that was before we picked a name for our team: Magor-Missabib.

Say it out loud. Magor-Missabib. It causes you to shudder in terror, doesn’t it?

We were a pretty good team. We made it into the championship tournament before losing out to Galaxy.

But our name. Who could forget our name?

Actually, I forgot it until I was reading through Jeremiah again. Magor-Missabib comes from Jeremiah 20:3. It means, “terror on every side”. What a great (if not geeky) name for a football team!

I doubt our name struck terror into anyone who played us, but I do know God meant for that name to cause terror for Pashhur, the priest and temple official in Jeremiah’s day.

Jeremiah said God didn’t even know the priest by the name Pashhur, but by Magor-Missabib, terror on every side. God didn’t come to think of the priest as Magor-Missabib because Pashhur was a terror on the football field but because God was about to bring terror into his life. God’s patience had run out. Judgment was about to arrive.

Don’t let God’s patience run out on you. Don’t let God’s judgment fall on you. You don’t want to experience the terror of God.


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