Shadow Mission, Part 2

So, what is your shadow mission? What alternate mission sometimes distracts you from your God-given purpose?

My shadow mission is, “Don’t make waves.”

Whatever you do, keep your mouth shut, don’t offend anyone, acquiesce to others, by compliant, don’t say or do anything that will cause trouble.

I know exactly where this comes from. Those are the messages I received loud and clear as I grew up. To do anything that might disrupt our household could have had profound consequences (enough said about that).

Even though I know from where in my past this shadow mission comes, at 43 years old I still see it in my life almost everyday. It causes me to avoid difficult – but needed – conversations. It causes me to second-guess myself. It prevents me from being open with my opinions and feelings. I over-analyze everything I say and do. I have control issues.

Yet, in some psycho-babble kind of way, it also causes me to get into unnecessary conflicts.

More on that in part 3.


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